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English product introduction
English product introduction

Reverse osmosis Dirt Dispersion agent

Part 1.Summarise

The reverse osmosis Dirt Dispersion agent is a kind of antisludging

agent which is suitable for reverse osmosis(RO)system, Nanofiltration

(NF)system,and ultrafiltration(UF)system.It can prevent the membrane

surface scaling.It improves the quantity of contributing water and the quality of contributing water.and it can lower the operating cost.

Part 2.the product Characteristics

It can effective control the inorganic substance scaling at a large concentration range,and under the condition of without addtitive of acid,theLSI maximum allowable value is 2.8

It doesn’t condense to be insoluble substance with iron-aluminum oxides and silicon compound.

It has good performance on the iron-aluminum heavy metal polutant control.the maximum iron concentration of the inflow water is 8.0ml/L.

It performs effectively on the control of the siliconaggregation and  deposition.the SiO2 concentration of the water can reach to 290mg/L.

It’s suitable for reverse osmosis CA and TFC membrane,

nanofiltration membrane and ultrafiltration membrane.

It has magnificentsolubleness and stability.

It’s effective if The pH value of water supply between 5-10.

Prt 3.Technical Indexes:


standard liquid

Concentrated dolution


 transparency liquid  

transparency liquid

PH Value

1%water solution






freezing point



Main content

phosphorus containing low molecular weight organic matter

phosphorus containing low molecular weight organic matter

high temperature


normal alkaliine

    normal alkaliine

Part 4.Method of Application

Please dilute the concentrated liquid to expected concentration,the dosing and metering are decided aadn worked out according to the report of complete water quality analysis and the condition of reverse osmosis system.。the normal addtitive is 3-6mg/Lcalculated according to standard liquid),within the recommended dosing range,it can preventmost of the following scaling,such as CaCO3,CaSO4,BaSO4,SrSO,Fe(OH)3,

Al(OH)3 and Silicon.

Part 5.Package and Storage

Pack in plastic drum;seal and store at dark place,

Quality guarantee period :6 months.

Part 6.Safety Protection:

The product is faintly acid,please wear protective equipment

during operation.avoid of skin contact and eyecontact. Flush with enough rinsing water once contacted with this product.



Reverse osmosis Dirt Dispersion agent


Reverse osmosis delicated fungicide

Art. No.RX1910

Part 1.Product Performance

The Reverse osmosis delicated fungicide Art. No.RX1910 has very strong penetrability fr microbial cell.which decomposes the microbial cell tissue and has destructive effect.It has extremely strong effect for restraining and killing of the germs,fungus,algae and other microorganism in the reverse osmosis equipment. 

Part 2.Product Characteristics

1it’s a kind of non oxidative fungicide,which has the features of high efficient,broad spectrum,speediness, better bacteriosestatic ability.

It has some stripping effect for the sticky paste formed by the bacterias.

 It’s compatible with all kinds of membranes,excellent biological degradability, environmental friendly.

Part 3.Technical Indexes




   Transparent liquid

            PH Value (stoste)




Part 4.Method of Application

there are two applications as below:

Pump it into the inflow water continuously through metering pump during operation.the dosage is 400ppm;dosing one time in two weeks period. And 30 minutes fr each dosing period. The dosing quanltity of the agent is larger with this kind of production which is continuously without disconnecting desalted water.

Shutoff RO operation system,adopt chemical cleaning methodand make the fungicide solution.and circulate the chemical solution in the system.If the system was polluted seriously,it should be locally cleaned with chemical solution.Then follow the process for sterilization as below.

pour water into the cleanout tank,and make the reverse osmosis delicated to the concentration between 400-800ppm;

adjust the cleanout fluid pH value to be under 7you can adopt citric acid or hydrochloric acid,with the purpose of extend the life of the membrane.);

cycle for 45 minutes

Part 5.Package and Storeage

    With plastic drum, 25kg/drumIt can store at indoor dark placefor one year.

Part 6.Matters Need Attention

During the application,please avoid of adopting it together with the substances of reductibility(like Na2SO3,H2S, H2O2,etc.)and substances of elctrophilicity. It’s a kind of corrosive product,please pay attention to safety protectionduring operation.avoid of skin contact and eye contact,and flush with a large quantity of rinsing water. 

Hard hardness water scale and corrosion inhibitor


Part1.Nature and Usage:

the product is composed by organophosphorus carboxylic acid,copolymer of polycarboxylic acid contains sulphonate,corrosion inhibito,special interfacial agent,etc. It is appropriate for the recirculating cooling water system which meet the demand of the high concentration ratio at 1500mg/Lof the calcium hardness+ alkalinity.

Part 2.Technical index:





pale yellow transparency liquid

Solid content %


Viscosity 20℃)g/cm3


PH Value1% Solution


Part 3.Method of Application:

pour the daily dosage of the product into the plastic dosage tank.,for convenient application,it can be dosed continuously into the circulating water system from the entrance of the circulating pump (the exit of collecting basin)with metering pump or  the adjusting valve the dosing  concentration is 10-30mg/L(according to the supplement of water).

Part 4.Package and Storage:

Pack with 25KG plastic drum,or according to customer’s demand;store at dark cool and dry period 10 months.

Part 5.Safety Protection:

It’s faintly acid type attention to the safety protection during operation,avoid of contacting with skin,or eye.once contacted,please flush with plenty of rinsing water.

Hard hardness water scale and corrosion inhibitor







Industrial circulating water Germcide and Algaecide No.RX03

Part 1.summarize circulating watergermcide and algaecideis the compound of isotiazolinone with many kinds of bactericide,synergist,and stabilizer.It’s same quality as the KATHON-WTE of Rohm and Haas from USA.It can kill efficiently the all kind s of germ, fungus,algae,sulphate bacteria, iron bacteria,and saprophytic,etc.the product can decompose by its self in nature.pollution free to the environment.It’s used for oilfield transfuse,soaking of polymeror the micella,It’s thebactericide to control  the viscous germ,sulphide germ,fungus,algae in the industrial circulating water.

Part 2.Technical Index

Appearance:faint yellow or light blue transparency liquid   



Part 3.Outstanding Features

1.well water solubility,no production of foam ,no influence to heat exchange efficiency.

2.sterilization,  anti-bacteria, high efficiency,broad


3.corrosion inhibition,without corrosion to the euipment

4.nonflammable,low toxicity,low irritation to human body.

5. with strong stripping effect to the already formed vicous mud.

PART 4.Reference Dosage:

in the industrial circulating water,each time dosage is

100-300ppm according to the conditions of different  

season,germ,and the breed of algae.

Part 5.Recommend Addition method:

the product can be dosed into the water at the entrance  of the heat can also be dosed at the spots in the front of any other polluted area with dosing meter pump.

Part 6.package:

Pack with plastic drums of 25kg or 200kg.

Part 7Matters Need Attention:

1.seal store at dark area.

2.wear protective equipment during the operation,don’t splash it into eyes,and avoid of skin contact.if contacted,flush with rinsing water immediately.

3.don’t contact it with alkaline substance or reducibility substance during operation.Part 8. Storage Period

store in dark area at normal temperaturefor expiry period of 6 months.


Industrial circulating water Germcide and Algaecide No.RX03




Isothiazolinone Bactericide

Part 1. Summarize

It has the character of high efficiency,broad spectrum.the disinfect principal is that it can pierce the cell membrane, and combine with the basicgroup of the core of the cell,so to control the regeneration of the microbial.and then kill the microbial.It’s widely used in the industry of papermaking,coating,elctricity,oil field,steelmaking,oil refining,emulsion.

Part 2 Technical Index:






Transparency yellow liquid

Transparencyyellow liquid

Transparency yellow liquid










soluble in water

soluble in


soluble in


Part 3.package:

Pack in palstic drums of 25kg,200kg、250kg,1000kgor according to the demand of customer.

Part 4.Matters need Attention:

1. It’s the group II corrosive chemical product.Which should be avoid of eye contact.once contacted,please flush with enough rinsing water.don’t  delay!and It can not be contacted with skin for longtime(<1minute).wear protective equipment during the operation.

the stability is weak in the medium of alkaline of PH value>9,so don’t use it in this condition.the compatibility with those chemical aids with very strong reductibility,

nucleophilicity,the quality will be lower or useless.

3.the product has the function of stripping by piercing and removing the mucus film in the large scale system.

Part 5.suggestion:

Please adopt dosing meter pump for long term usage of the product,which is available from our company.

once there is anaphylactic reaction for operator,please take orally antianaphylaxis medicine,and exterior coating theacetic ureophil pasteand with will be transference cured  after 2 weeks time.seak medical advice for seriously anaphylactic reaction operator.










Bromine Type Bactericide

Part 1.summarize:

The main content of the Bromine type bactericide is DBNPA and  BBAB,its monomer or compound.It ahs teh characters of high efficiency,borad spectrum,low toxicity.due to it’s  non-ionic compound,with low odour and other physical chemical property,without influence to the other chemicals.It’s widely used in teh industry of papermaking,oilfield flooding,industrial circulating water,coating,emulsion,etc.

Part 2.Physical Features:






Transparent liquid

Transparent liquid

Tawny liquid

Valid content(%)








PH Value




Part 3.Characters:

1.environtental protection freindly,its decomposer is polluion-free to the environment.

2.With excellent compatibility ,It’s non-ionic bactericide.

3.RX602 and RX6235 type are belong to quick killing bactericides,and no stimulation to skin.h

4.RX6339 type is long term bactericide which has special effects to the viscidity bacterium.

Part 4.Package:

Pack with plastic drums of 25kg,250kg,1000kg.

Part 5.Matters Need Attention: is stimulateto eyes,please wear protective equipment,such as latex gloves and blinder.please flush teh contaced eyes and skin with plenty of rinsing water.and seak medical advice for serious stimulated operators.

2.It has  passivation reaction with the following materials:①materials with strong reducing propertyand nucleophilicity;② sulphide contains nucleophilic group,like H2S;③sulfite,acid sulfite,and the compound contains sulfur hydrogen root,such as MBT.

Part 6.Expiration date:

Seal and Store it at dark,cool condition area.

The expiry period is one year.

Nitrogen and Sulfur Type Bactericide

Part 1.Summarise

The main contents of the Nitrogen and Sulfur Type Bactericide are

Ditriocyano-methane MBT and benzene thiamethoxam cyanide TCMTBwhich is a long peroid effcetive speedybactericide.It performs excellently in killing of the germ,fungus,sulphate bacteria and algae. It is widely used in papermaking,oil filed, electricity,emulsion,coating, leather steelmaking oil refining agriculture,and  Cultivation.

Part 2.physical chemical property






Yellow transparency liquid

brown transparency liquid 

Yellow transparency liquid

Specific gravity(20℃)




PH Value




Part 3.characteristic

1.effective spedy and long periodand owns the ability of infiltration and exfoliation.

2.with lower working concentrationat 7ppm can kill 99% microorganism.

  3.with wide rangeof applicationworkable in the medium of PH value


4.low toxicity,and environmental friendlyit can decomposein the

   nature wild. And hurtless to the environment.

Part 4.package

Ipack in  20kg,200kg,1000kg plastic drums.

Part 5.Matters Need Attention:

1Please wear protective equipment during the operation,avoid of eye contact and skin contact.once contacted with it,please flush with a large quantity of rinsing water.if severe cases,please seak for medical advice.

2For type of RX501and RX3926 bactericide,don’d dilutethem with   


3During the timeof storage and application,don’t contact them with alkaline matter,reduccibility matter,copper or aluminium.

4.the product is strictly prohibited to close to high temperature.

 Otherwise,it will decompose accelerately.

Part 5.Shelf Life

 Seal store it at dark and cool condtionthe expiry period is six   




Preparation Antiseptic Bactericide Art.No.RX307

 It’s a new type of bactericide under many years research by our company. The fungicide and hypochlorite are used in the online process to produce a highly reactive chlorine intermediates (bromochloramine salts),bromine chloride ammonium salt)its activityis over ten time of the hypochlorous has selectivity to the perssad of fungus,algae which contains -S-O-H、-S-Hand has targeting.It has no effect to fibre degradationand no corrosion to has the character of low cost ,weak oxidizability and speed and thorough for killing of bacteria.when the dosing quantity reach to 0.02-0.05% of the pulp,it will kill 99%of the bacteriameanwhile,it has the function of decompose foreign taste(like foul smell and tart flavour).so th keep the system cleaning,and come to the purpose of no rotten pulp,no foreign smell.It meets the current environment demand.  

 Physical IndexAppearancefaintyellow transparencyliquid


                PH Value:4-7

Addition Methoddosing automatically on line by my company’s

          proprietary equipment or by the expressedition.

Additon Positiondosing it in the forebay,white water pond,broken tank,recycle poolby spray water.

Package250kg/drum or 1200kg/drum

Storage and Shelf Life :seal store at dark cool space,and the Expiry period is 6 months.

Matters need Attention

1.the product must be dosed by my company’s proprietary equipment and

           the addition technology craft must be adjusted by our professional engineer.

2.the bactericide RX307 type can’t be mixed directly with pypocholoride under high concentration.

3.the bactericide RX307is with certain proportion with hypocholoride.

 I t’s strictly prohibited to adjust it by chance. Otherwise ,the sterilizing  

 effect will be very bad,and also produces foreign odour.

4. Due to the inatability of the hypocholoridethe storageperioses is better

 not exceedto 15 days.if it was stored over 30 days,it must be redetected   for its active chlorinity.and adjust the dosing proportion according to the

 content of the chlorine.

Product featuresThe sterilization  algae removal  deodorization  



Defoaming Agent Art.No.2000

Part 1.Product Brief Introduction: 

The RX2000 type of defoaming agent micromolecule  polyether defoaming agent.It’s with high stability, convennient to use,disperse easily in water.It controls the foameffectively under lower concentration.and it’s widely use din many fields such as papermaking pulp washingprocess,wastepaperdeinking,

coating process,corrugated paperproduction,and antifoam during the working procedure of papermaking of the newspaper and culture paper. And it’s also can be used as the addition for making chemical products and antifoam during the production of rosin sizing agent.

Part 2.Active Ingredient: 

Particular kind of Block Polyether,fatty hydrocarbon, ester of fatty acid,andits ramification.

Part 3.Physical Property: 

Appearance:colourless or pale yellowoily liquid;




diespersibility:it can disperse rapidly into water or oilphase system.

Part 4.Application Method:

Pump it into the white water tray,or the slushing tank.theproduct has good mobilitywhich doesn’t need to be diluted. The dosig quantity for is 100-300g per ton bone-dry paper.

Part 5.Package and Storage:

Pack with 200L galvanized iron bucket.and store at dark normal temperature place for six months shelf life. 



Defoaming Agent Art.No.1000

Part 1.Product Brief Introduction: 

The RX1000 type of defoaming agent is surface defoaming agent and inner pulp degassing agent with high-efficiency.

It’s with high stability, convennient to use,disperse easily in water.It controls the foameffectively under lower concentration.and it’s widely use din many fields such as papermaking pulp washingprocess,wastepaper deinking,

coating process,corrugated paperproduction,and antifoam during the working procedure of papermaking of the newspaper and culture paper.

Part 2.Active Ingredient: 

organic hydroxy compound water basd emulsion.

Part 3.Physical Property: 

Appearance:white liliquoid



diespersibility:it can disperse rapidly into water phase system.

Part 4.Application Method:

Pump it into the white water tray,or the slushing tank.theproduct has good mobilitywhich doesn’t need to be diluted. The dosig quantity for is 100-300g per ton bone-dry paper.

Part 5.Package and Storage:

Pack with 200L galvanized iron bucket.and seal store at dark temperature above 0℃ place for six months shelf life. 




Blanket cleaning agent RX9816

RX9816 type blanket cleaning agent is Compounded by emulgator,dispersant,

penetrant,anti-reprecipitator,organic solvent,and other organic matters.It can infiltrate through shaping net and blanket,and dissolve the resin,wax,iber fines and filler which was residued in them.


It can enhance the draining function of the shaping net.maintain and imporove the inner water space for the blanket so to promote the effection of the dehydration.and improve the radiating homogeneity of the dry forming the power for the papermaking and enlarge the life of the dry forming wire.

Take the balnket cleaningmn as sample,the raw material of the paper mills for indurtrial paper and newspaper are mostly waste the blanket isvery easy to be polluted by solid glueyness resin matters.and for norlmal cultural paper making,the blanket was blocking by the filler,chemical products and the resin in the dyestuff.which caused the lower of the pervious to water for the blanket.affect the papermaking,and makes the cost increase.because of this reason,the blanket cleaning is key important.

Following are the main pollute matters for the papermaking

● resinespesially take the ground wood pulp,TMP,half chemicaland

sulphurous acid pulp.

● filler fixing agent,carclazyte, titanium dioxide,CaCO3 and other coating and sizing agentcame form the recylce of broken paper.

● defoamer,dyestuff,lubricant,etc.which are adopted inside of wet

 part of the papermaking system.

● sesidualglue,wax,defoamer,plastic,rubber and pitch in the waste


when these residual matters are deposited inside of the blanket.they will lower the blanket’s water permit space,and restrict the high pressure water spray into the blanket,prevented the water in and out of the U shape suction tank and the press roll.which lowered the dewaterability of the blanket.if we can clean the blanket during the operation or halt the machine to clean the blanket.recover the dehydration effection during the the dehydration effection must be imporved,and keep the paper machine withbetter status.

Part 1.performance and characteristics:

1. imporves the interfacial potential of the blanketandthe forming wire.

Which is good for elution and avoid of reprecipitation.

2.removes the oil contamination and inorganicfiller effectively on the blanket and the forming wire.

3.imporves water filtration rate of the blanket and forming wire enlarge the period of machine halt and improves the working efficiency of the paper machine.

4. biodegradable and environment friendly

Part 2.Technical Index:

appearancecolourness or faint yellow transparency liquid  

soild proportion 30%

    solubility:complete miscibility with water

density 1.15±0.10        

PH Value 12±2

part 3.the cleaning of the blanket on line

Type RX9816 cleaning agent uniform spray cleans the blanket with 200-400ppm dosage through fanshaped chemical shower pipe on line. The contaminant will be rapidly romoved from the suction tank after  they were saponification,osmosis,soften,and disintegration.

All conditions as below

1spray pipe:inerlap fanshaped spray pipe spray well-distributed.

2water discharge11.5L/Minute for each metre width bl;anket

3water temperature40-50℃,the higher temperaturethe Better cleaning result.and also save much more  the agent’s cost.

4water pressure1.5-3.0KGC

5dosing spotdosing seperately according to different blanket and different pollution levelenter each dosing pipe into the spray pipe of each blanket. While the spraypipe’s position should be exceed one meter above the suction tank from the blanket outer side.

6dosage: the dosage for each blanket are between 200-500ppm Make Local Text for the vacuum degree and pervious to the level of water, And adjust it according to different polution level.

2.batch-type cleaning  

the batch-type cleaning method iscontrolled by the time metrestop dosing for some hours for each dosing periodso to reach the result of getting gold effect in short time with  higher dosage periodically.The dosage for each blanket is 1000-2000ppmMake Local Text for the vacuum degree and pervious to the level of water, And adjust it according to different polution level. after machine was stopped

make 5-20 of the cleaning agent art No.RX9816 according to the blanket polution level,spary averagely on the blanket.let the paper machine is running slowly about 20-30 minutes so to allow the cleaning agent contact and react suffciently with the polutant.Then clean the blanket with plenty of rinsing water.and also start the vancuum suction tank and high pressure water.stop the cleaning until the blanket is well cleaned.

Part 4.the cleaning method for the  forming wire

Cleaning on linecleaning on line with the dosage of 200-500ppm through fan-shapedchemical spray pipeand spray it averagely.the fan-haped spray pipe is 50-100cm after cover roll.

intermittence cleaning

the batch-type cleaning method iscontrolled by the time metrestop dosing for some hours for each dosing periodso to reach the result of getting gold effect in short time with  higher dosage periodically.The dosage for each blanket is 1000-2000ppmMake Local Text for the vacuum degree and pervious to the level of water, And adjust it according to different polution level.

cleaning after machine was stopped

same as the method for blanket cleaning

Part 5.packages

Pack with 25kg,200kgor 1000kgplastic drums.

Part 6.Storage:

1.seal and store it at nature condition of darkplaceif it’s freezing,it  has no affect for addition after dissolved.

2.Shelf life:6 months


     Remover for papermaking Drying cylinder 

Part 1.Product Feature and Usage:

The papermaking  drying cylinder remover is widely used for writing paper,two-side offset paper,toilet paper,light-weight paper,aluminum foil gasket paper,fluting medium,card board paper,bag paper,etc.It has the following advantages:

1.thoroughly solve the problem of viscous of the drying cylinder.keep the system clean,no oil patch on paper.It has favourable function of stripping,lubricating and light intensify.

2.It reduces the paper broken,hair slip,powder slip.It increase enormously range of the smoothness,glosiness for the paper.It also protect wellthe wrinkle scraper on the drying to enlarge teh working life of teh scraper.

3little dosage and simplicity of operation.

Part 2.Technical Index:

appearance:ivory liquid

Soild content:20%±2

PH Value:6-9


solubility:dissolve easyily in cool water.

Part 3.Main Reasonfor the Viscous Drying Cylinder:

1.the paste and viscous on the drying cylinder are caused by the residue of deinking and other inpurity are heated on the

2caused by the cationic starch dosed in order to increase the strength of the paper.

3.caused by the not well cleaned fine fibre,resin glue.

4.Caused by the misused dispersant,wet strength agent,dry strength agent.

5.the seperate out of the resin in the pulp because of the high pressure for defibrination and temperature rised too higher. Especially for the domestic wood pulp which contains higher resin.they can also cause the viscous drying cylinder.

Part 4.Method of Application:

1.inlect it with metering pump and dilute it in the diluting tank.dilute it with soft water at normal temperature according to the dosage proportion.mist spray the dilution onto the surface of the drying cylinder with high pressure can also be coated on the drying cylinder with metering roll.

2.normal dosage:0.3-1.0kg/ton bone dry pulp,also can adjust the dosage according to the specificpeeling condition.

Part 5.Package and Storage:

Pack with 25kg or 200kg plastic at cool dark area.avoid of freezing.  

Storage period:12 months.









Remover for papermaking Drying cylinder















Adhesive content control agent No.RX9617

Product Brief Introduction:

it’s cationic type organiccompund which passivating the adhesive content,resin,and other polutant produced in the sysytem during the pulp malkingand paper making.lessen the potential hazard of the adhesive content drift away from the recycling carton mechanical pulp,half chemical pulp and chemical pulp.the action principle is disperse the adhesive content into fine granule which lose its stickiness.then attached to the it can reduce or even avoid of the deposition on the spareparts of the papermaking machine,the blanket and the shaping net.lessen the halting time and improve the quality of the paper product.

Product characteristics

1.the liquid product is appropriate for different pulpand easy to operate.

2. control the adhesive content with high efficiency,which makes the system even clean,reduces the dirt count of the ready paper,imporves the ready paper quality.

3、reduce the times of the cleaning,reduce the paper broken, extend the blanket and forming wire working life.improve the productivity.

4.improve the retention, lessen the concentration of the whitewater.improve the pulp rate.

Product Feature:

Appearance:colourless to pale yellow

PH Value(1% solution ):5-7   

viscosity (25℃):<1000cps

solubleness: soluble easily in water

product application

dosing with metering pump,dose in the white water pool or in the forebay.specific dosage is according to the polutant levelof the pulp and the depositproblem of the adhesive content.and adjust the dosage to 0.10-0.35KG/ton paper.




Adhesive content control agent No.RX9617










Fixing agent No.RX9416

The type of fixing agent No.RX9416is a polymer with high molecular weight and high cationic charge.which is used for adjusting the charge balance of the papermaking system.reduces the anionic trashes,and improve the retention.

Part 1.product performance:

appearance:transparency viscous liquid              




Part 2.Product Feature:

1. Neutralizethe anionic trash in the pulp,and imporve

theperformance of the retention aid.

2.improve the retention of the waterproof agent,dry strength agent dyestuffon the wet part of the papermaking machine.

3.It can attach the adhesive content,fine fibre and partofthepowder on the fibres.

4.improve the filtration of water,and lower the cost

 Of the ennergy consumption.

5.lower the solid content of white wate,and improve the pulp gaining rate.

6.It can provide steady cationic charge.

Part 3.Usage and Dosage :

Diluteit or dose it direct into the forebay,and the dosage is 100-300g/Ton of oven dry stock.

Part 4.Package and Storage:

Pack in 25kg,200kg,or 1000kgplastic drums,seal and

Store at dark natural conditions.the expiry period is

6 months. 



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